Your prayer is answered

By Fr. Christopher Kubat   

Recently, I listened to a voicemail from a young woman. It was at the end of the day. The tone of her voice contained an element of urgency. I called and left a message. The next morning, we were able to connect.

She recently moved to Lincoln from the central part of the state. After arriving and settling in a new apartment, her car died and would not start. Not knowing who to call, she contacted someone out of the blue online who said it was a fuel pump or filter. Swapping her TV for the needed repair sounded like a good deal. However, after giving her TV away, she was left high and dry. In a panic, she started calling different agencies with no luck. She somehow received a tip about calling us.

After talking to her for 20 minutes, I learned that her husband is in prison and that she was recently released herself. In addition, she was one week away from starting a new job. She was in desperate need to have her car repaired in order to keep her new job. It is very hard for people who have a criminal past to obtain meaningful employment. She said she had been praying so very hard for a miracle. After I called a mechanic friend, he agreed to have it towed and repaired. After informing her of such, her tears of sorrow became tears of joy.

We are very grateful we have the funds to repair her car, which will enable her to start her new job, as she starts her life over. She will also be working hard to get back her children (who are now staying with relatives).

After reminding her that she is a daughter of God the Father, I told her not to worry about the past, to leave it to God’s mercy; to not worry about the future, to leave it to God’s providence; but to simply concern herself about today and God’s graces, which are sufficient to get her through the day. Like many of our clients, she informed me that she would be praying for us, too.

As we traverse this season of Lent, let us all concentrate on the classic triad of prayer, fasting and almsgiving. If you are spending more time on your smartphone rather than spending time with God in prayer, then now is the time to make the needed changes. When it comes to fasting, a little will strengthens us to be more virtuous. When it comes to almsgiving, please remember that whatever we do to the least, like the lady mentioned above, we do it for Jesus. (Mt 25:31-46) Please know that we at CSS pray daily for our supporters.

Fr. Christopher Kubat

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