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Cathedral to host annual ‘24 Hours for the Lord’

Confessions available at the Cathedral March 23-24

LINCOLN (SNR) — The Diocese of Lincoln will sponsor 24 Hours for the Lord March 23 and 24, offering the sacrament of confession and Eucharistic Adoration for a continuous 24-hour period at the Cathedral of the Risen Christ, 3500 Sheridan Blvd., Lincoln. 

24 Hours for the Lord is an initiative begun in 2014 by Pope Francis, and offered by many Catholic dioceses worldwide.

The Lincoln event will begin at 5 p.m. Friday, March 23, and continue until 5 p.m. Saturday, March 24. The Sacrament of Confession will be available for the 24-hour period. All are invited to come to the Cathedral and take advantage of the opportunity to participate in the sacrament.

Priests from the Lincoln area will take shifts hearing confessions for the entire 24-hour period, with Bishop James Conley taking a shift, as well.

24 Hours for the Lord will be offered in Rome, where Pope Francis himself will hear confessions, and in dioceses across the United States and worldwide. The Diocese of Lincoln has participated in 24 Hours for the Lord since 2015, and reported hundreds of participants each year.

Dozens of priests have participated in 24 Hours for the Lord and will be ready to welcome everyone – even if the penitent is experiencing awkwardness or discomfort, if they’ve been away from the sacrament a long time.

The 24 Hours are not only for those who have been absent from the sacrament for a long period of time, but also for those who use the sacrament regularly or devotionally.

In the late hours, all should use the west entrance, which will be unlocked. Priests will trade places at the beginning of each hour.

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