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Marian Mantle group prays for loved ones to return to faith

LINCOLN (SNR) – The Marian Mantle group is dedicated to helping share the heartache experiences when a loved one is no longer a practicing Catholic.

The members strive to help one another live in peace, joining in prayer for prodigals. They are dedicated to Our Lady of Sorrows and ask her to intercede for the return of our loved ones to the practice of the Catholic Faith.

The group meets at Madonna Hospital, at 56th and South streets in Lincoln, the second and fourth Tuesday of each month. The meetings are held at 3 p.m. in the Lancaster Room, and they last one hour.

Participants pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet, a rosary and other prayers, such as the stations of the cross during Lent. Spoken intentions are also remembered.

There are no dues or commitments, and the group does not record names of prodigals.

Mass is celebrated for the group’s intentions at 4 p.m. after the meeting, and all are welcome to attend.

The Marian Mantle Group Lay Apostolate was founded by Mary Ann Gardner of Kansas. More information is available at www.marianmantle.com or 913-526-9877. Kathy Neugebauer is the leader of the group meeting in Lincoln and can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 402-423-3810.

Has Someone You Love Left the Church?

Does your heart ache because a Loved one has stopped attending and receiving the Sacraments? Do you feel helpless and alone?

You are not alone in your pain and it is not your fault. You may feel isolated and believe that only a few Catholic families have this problem; are trying to figure out what you did wrong and how to fix it, only to find it gets worse, and others tell you there is nothing to do other than accept the situation.

Many parents have the terrible experience of seeing their sons or daughters leaving the faith of their childhood. When this happens we should remember even though we have no way of intervening, we still, despite everything, can continue to hope, believe and love. We can believe that God will never abandon our child. We can hope in the Lord’s faithfulness and power for everything. We can love by continuing to pray and forgive. Even if we can do nothing, as long as we hope, believe and love, in the time of God’s mercy, fruits will appear, sooner or later.

There may always be a certain amount of suffering that comes from those around us that we cannot correct. Then we need to forgive these people for disappointing us and causing great pain. In this way we can achieve God’s peace in our lives.

We know that Mary understands our pain and we ask her to take their hand and walk with them, as well as asking her to carry our prayers to the feet of her Son, Jesus. Remember when Jesus said if one of my sheep is lost or strayed, leave the other 99 and come bring him back. In Matthew 18:28 Jesus says, “Where two or three come in my name, there am I with them, and if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in Heaven.

As a silent strength prayer group we pray for two things: our prodigals return to Catholicism and grace for each other to persevere like St. Monica and love our prodigals with the unconditional love of Christ. We pray and let the Holy Spirit and our Blessed Lady handle the rest. Our hope is that every Catholic parent, grandparent, relative and friend will someday see their prodigals return to the sacraments.

Come join us and find your strength in the Marian Mantle Silent Strength Prayer Group.
- Kathy Neugebauer

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