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Ask the Register: are visitors allowed?

Q. Are visitors allowed in the new perpetual adoration chapel in our diocesan cathedral? How do you enter?

Editor’s note: We posed this question to Msgr. Joseph Nemec, rector of the Cathedral of the Risen Christ in Lincoln.

A. The Cathedral of the Risen Christ moved the location of its perpetual adoration program—started in 1959 —Aug. 15, 2017.

The location moved from before the tabernacle in the west transept of the church to the newly renovated Bishop’s Chapel, located off the hallway that connects the church with the rectory. With this move came adoration with the Holy Eucharist exposed in a monstrance, 24 hours every day.

Being a small chapel, designed to be a mausoleum for deceased bishops of the diocese, it immediately became a very intimate place of prayer for all who come and pray there—a holy space in which people can be close to Jesus and free from many activities and distractions that often take place in the Cathedral.

Entrance to that hallway and the adoration chapel can be obtained by stopping by the office (Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.) for the combination to open a door that admits people from the outside, through a door to that connecting hallway.

When liturgies are not being performed in the Cathedral church, people can also find the adoration chapel by stepping up into the main sanctuary and walking to their left (west) down the connecting hallway to the chapel door. Everyone is invited to come worship and adore our Eucharistic Lord Jesus in this new, beautiful “oasis” at the Cathedral.

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