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Aquinas continues education in Gaza Strip

DAVID CITY (SNR) – Students from Aquinas High School and the fifth-grade class of St. Mary School in David City listened to a presentation Sept. 11 about the extremely poor and needy in the Christian community of the Gaza Strip.

Jeff Kanger of Lincoln started Brother’s Keeper to support persecuted Christians in Gaza in 2016.

After seeing news reports about ISIS persecuting Christians, he said he asked himself, “Why aren’t people doing anything about it?”

And in that rare moment of true silence, without TV, or texts, or music, he said, he heard… “What are you doing about it?”

This led Kanger down the path of caring for the poor, persecuted Christians in the Gaza Strip and founding the charity organization, Brother’s Keeper.

As a friend of Aquinas religion teacher Father Benjamin Holdren, he shared his story with the Aquinas and St. Mary students.

Kanger also spoke of the Christian school in the Gaza Strip.  The Missionaries of Charity work with this school, which is considered the top school in the area, and Brother’s Keeper works to provide scholarships for impoverished students to attend. The tuition for the school is $300. The Aquinas junior and senior classes each donated $300 to fund a full scholarship for two deserving students to attend the school.

There also was a free-will donation ‘jeans day’ at Aquinas that raised $1,500 to benefit children living in the Gaza Strip, who live in fear and in deplorable conditions, receive the many benefits of a Christian education.

During the David City vs. Aquinas Catholic football game, the Aquinas seniors collected warm clothing and a free will donation bake sale for the poor children in the Gaza Strip. They were able to donate four duffle bags of warm clothing and toiletries and $350.

Kanger left the students with the advice to take time for silence and listen.

“God is trying to speak with you.”


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