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Jason Evert visits Wahoo parish, school

WAHOO (SNR) – Bishop Neumann Jr./Sr. High School in Wahoo hosted a three-day event featuring world renowned speaker, Jason Evert.

Evert has spoken to more than one million people on six continents about the virtue of chastity.

Adults gathered at St. Wenceslaus Church in Wahoo Oct. 14 to listen to Evert discuss how to parent for purity. After the parent discussion, students gathered for a chastity talk for teens that focused on the difference between love and lust. 

After the presentations, a time of Eucharistic Adoration with music and prayer was offered, along with the sacrament of reconciliation and the distribution of free books and CDs for all attendees. The format elevated a basic seminar into an encounter with God; a mini-retreat for the family.

On Monday, Oct. 15, high school students from Bishop Neumann and Aquinas High School in David City listened to Evert’s presentation. Among the topics discussed were emotional issues, sexual abuse, eating disorders, unhealthy relationships, modesty and pornography. Evert discussed the issues at a level appropriate to junior high and high school students.

“Jason took an uncomfortable topic and made it presentable,” said sophomore Cael Carlson, adding that he discussed “what teens are feeling now and what we are going through.”

Evert also focused on the dignity of being a woman, how to be an honorable man and how to stay true to the vows of marriage.

Sophomore Kaylene Paisley, who also attended the event, said she learned that “girls should help each other out by quitting the gossip and labeling. You never know what another person is going through.”

The following day, junior high students from Neumann, Aquinas and St. Patrick School in Elkhorn were also able to attend Evert’s talk.

“His stories were relatable and funny,” said eighth grader Kendall Vculek. “He kept me interested the entire time. I learned it is much easier to stay pure by finding good friends that support you and the choices that you make.”

Evert brought hundreds of free rosaries, miraculous medals, chastity commitment cards to sign and date, CDs on dating relationships, books for girls and boys, and apps they could download onto phones. The video of his talk is available at https://chastity.com/video/. More information is available at Evert’s website: www.chastityproject.com.

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