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María Mediadora group hosts night of praise, adoration

LINCOLN (SNR) – María Mediadora (Mary Mediatrix), a group from Cristo Rey Parish in Lincoln and the Office of Hispanic Ministry of the Diocese of Lincoln hosted a praise and adoration night at Pius X High School in Lincoln Oct. 13.

The night consisted of animated worship music followed by meditative songs which led to a talk on healing and the power of music. Then the event culminated with a holy hour in front of the Blessed Sacrament.

María Mediadora was started in Cristo Rey through Mariana Sánchez, an international student who is currently working on a master’s degree in entomology at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

“I met the Maria Mediadora community in Colombia six years ago when I was finishing my university career and I felt a great need for God,” Sanchez said. “I found there a place to become aware of the teachings that for years I had received from my parents and catechists, but that now made them tangible and applicable in my life.

“I became so passionate that I decided to begin my formation as a leader to learn to bring Christ to all the people I met on my way,” she continued. “Two years ago I arrived in the city of Lincoln to continue my graduate studies and had the opportunity to bring and share everything I have learned and received at CMM with the Hispanic community of this city.”

Last November, the founder of María Mediadora, William Zuluaga, came to Lincoln and gave a series of talks. This time a group of four musicians came to the United States as part of a tour, visiting Dallas and Chicago, finalizing their trip in Lincoln.

Sanchez explained the importance of music in the community.

“One of the most well-known ministries of CMM is the music ministry ‘CMM Music,’” she said. “While God has different ways of manifesting Himself among his people, music is used as a powerful tool to unleash His power, allowing people to not meet a beautiful singing ministry but to really have a personal and sincere encounter with their Creator.”

Promoting events such as prayer nights is part of the diocesan Hispanic ministry pastoral plan, which was created in 2016 following a process of consultation and discernment that included the laity, priests, and Bishop Conley. This plan can be found in both English and Spanish by going to the website of the Office of Hispanic Ministry, es.lincolndiocese.org.

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