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Lincoln Residents from Argentina Share Insight On Pope Francis

LINCOLN (SNR) – As Catholics around the world seek to get to know our new Holy Father, those from Argentina already experienced his leadership when he was Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Buenos Aires.

Among them is Javier Crespo, an Argentine who moved to the Diocese of Lincoln with his wife. They are members of Cristo Rey, Lincoln’s parish for Spanish-speaking Catholics. He said he could hardly believe it when he heard that a cardinal from his homeland had been named the new successor to Saint Peter.

"Me llevo varios dias realmente creer que el Cardenal Bergoglio era el nuevo Papa de los Católicos," Señor Crespo said. "I needed many hours, and probably some days, to realize that yes, Cardinal Bergoglio was named the new Pope."

Sr. Crespo noted that people in Argentina are quite familiar with the new leader of the Church. In addition to speaking on television and radio, Cardinal Bergoglio started to become well known for his direct pastoral instruction during Argentinian national holidays.

"Sus relatos siempre fueron amables, pero el a criticado duramente a los políticos y al gente que tiene poder de decisión," he said. "Although his homily was always polite, he had a hard enough speech against politicians and people who have had decision power."

As an Argentine, Sr. Crespo’s hopes for Pope Francis match what many other Catholics have been praying for.

"Deseo que el Papa Francisco ayude a la unión de los Católicos y a la unión de los pueblos sean o no Católicos. Deseo que el Nuevo Papa este cerca de la gente y que el mensaje de Jesus sea suficientemente claro," he said. "I hope Pope Francis can get a united Catholic Church, united together with religious beliefs. I hope that he is close to the needy people and that he can transmit the Lord’s message in the clearest way."

In conclusion, he added, "La gente se ha alejado de la Iglesia Católica, y espero que el nuevo Papa tenga la fortaleza de traer esa gente devuelta a la Iglesia… I hope the new Pope has the strength to bring back the people that the Catholic Church has lost."

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