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Ask the Register: can priests have hobbies?

Q. Can priests have hobbies?

A. Most definitely. I will guess most parishioners know what their priests like to do in their free time.

Many priests enjoy sports like golf. Others like to hunt and fish. Some play baseball and softball (as in the annual Father’s Day I-80 Collar Series). Others like to read. Some like going to movies. Others like to play cards. A few paint.

I know several priests who go home on their day off and help their dads farm. Other priests enjoy riding bicycles (and are fairly competitive in doing so). Some priests like to exercise, swim or run on a regular basis. One priest owns a horse and rides it whenever he can. Another priest enjoys Nebraska geography and on his day off gets in his car and just drives.

Others lead pilgrimages (as a means of evangelization and teaching). I know a priest who has two restored antique tractors and a hay trailer on which he gives people rides. Some priests own pets, mostly dogs.

However, because of their daily and regular schedules priests do not get much time to follow these pursuits. Priests are allowed one day off a week and are always on call so leisure or away time is usually at a premium.

This question was answered by a priest of the Diocese of Lincoln. Write to Ask the Register using our online form, or write to 3700 Sheridan Blvd., Suite 10, Lincoln NE 68506-6100. All questions are subject to editing. Editors decide which questions to publish. Personal questions cannot be answered. People with such questions are urged to take them to their nearest Catholic priest.

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