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‘Unbound’ ministry expands westward

Story by Reagan Scott

(SNR) – Father William Holoubek brought Unbound Ministry to the Lincoln Diocese in the fall of 2014 and the Lincoln Unbound team, a lay group that has grown to 32 individuals, was formed as a result.

In 2016 Father Holoubek hosted an eight-week Unbound seminar for Sutton and the surrounding area, and a Hastings Unbound team was formed not long after. However, this seed had been planted in years prior through the efforts of Mary Menke Koch, who brought Unbound to many Bible studies in the area.

This group of nine has spent the past few years hosting Unbound conferences and seminars for the Hastings area, and learning from the Lincoln Unbound team.

Now, after seeing the success of the Lincoln and Hastings Unbound teams, Matt Simmons, the Unbound director for the diocese, would like to establish a team in McCook to serve western Nebraska.

A few weeks ago, Simmons held an “Introduction to Deliverance” event in McCook, and will hold a two-day conference there April 5-6, which the Lincoln and Hastings Unbound teams will help put on. He hopes that this event will serve as an entry point for the future team if attendees are called to pray with other people using Unbound as they were in Lincoln and Hastings.

The Unbound model of delivery is based on the book “Unbound: A Practical Guide to Deliverance” by Neal Lozano.

The purpose of Unbound is to help people find freedom from things that block them from God such as sins, addictions and past hurts using five keys.

The five keys include: repenting of sin and expressing faith in Jesus; forgiving oneself and others; renouncing the lies, spirits and tactics of Satan; taking authority over the works of Satan and receiving the Father’s blessing.

“The need for Unbound is everywhere,” Simmons said. “Through Unbound I’ve seen people coming alive and able to evangelize.”

Thanks to his experience with Unbound, Simmons is able to use it in every area of his life, including as a form of evangelization to help people encounter God “right then and there.”

Marg Noecker is the coordinator for the Hastings Unbound team and has seen the positive impact they’ve had in the area.

“Many people have shared personal testimony of feeling set free from past hurts and patterns of behavior that have been holding them back for years,” she said. “Jesus wants to heal us from spiritual wounds, set us free from the bondage of sin, and often He gives us more than we ask of Him if we open our hearts to all that He wants to bestow upon us.”

Noecker said that Unbound is so important for everyone to have access to because many people aren’t aware that their reactions to past experiences have morphed into an attitude and way of life that keeps them from growing closer to God.

She said, “Unbound helps us to realize who we are in God’s eyes, that He loves us more than we can possibly imagine, that we are His beloved children and that He wants so much more for us!”

Simmons hopes to one day have Unbound teams in individual parishes in the diocese and help pastors become more aware of Unbound and use it in their ministries.

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