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Lincoln-Area Knights of Columbus Councils Hold Food Drive for CSS

LINCOLN (SNR) - Lincoln-area Knights of Columbus Councils held a food drive during Lent to benefit Catholic Social Services (CSS).

The drive ended on Palm Sunday with the food picked up and delivered to CSS by Knight Michael Szatko of Fitzgerald Council 833 and Curt Krueger from CSS.

Many parishes and councils have ongoing food drives for CSS, but some of the totals raised during the Lenten food drive include:

r146 lbs. of canned and boxed goods, plus four spiral hams from the Cathedral of the Risen Christ’s Council 9563

r302 lbs. of canned and boxed foods from St. Joseph’s Council 4923

r202 lbs. of canned and boxed foods, $100 of Super Saver SCRIP and $24 donated at the last CSS Fish Fry from St. Teresa’s Council 833

r583 lbs. of canned and boxed goods from St. John the Apostle’s Council 11280

Michael Szatko, who coordinated the event, said he wanted to use two of the four principles of the Knights: Charity and Unity, to be the focus of the drive.

"Having a number of councils participate and contribute helped us work together toward a goal of providing food for those seeking assistance from CSS" he said.

The Knights of Columbus offered their thanks to Curt Krueger for taking time on Palm Sunday to drive throughout Lincoln to help gather food from various parishes. They also thanked Marguerite Kellett at the CSS food pantry for her time in helping shelve the food as it was brought in.

Although the total food amounts donated - 1,233 lbs of canned and boxed goods, in addition to the other donations - may seem like a great result, this food will be just enough to feed 60-65 persons for one week.

The shelves at the CSS food pantry are not overflowing, but the requests for items are many. The Knights of Columbus encourage anyone driving by CSS at 21st and O streets to stop to donate SCRIP grocery store cards, boxed or canned goods, or monetary gifts.

The councils hope to make this Lenten food drive an annual event to continue supporting Catholic Social Services.

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