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Spirit Catholic Radio Care-a-Thon March 22 - 26

KVSS CARE-A-THON - School Sisters of Christ the King Sister Mary Cecilia (left) and Sister Mary Michael were guests during the Spirit Catholic Radio Care-a-Thon held March 22-26. Live interviews with nearly 25 guests, primarily priests, seminarians and religious from Nebraska and Iowa were featured at various times during the broadcasts. (Photo courtesy KVSS)

(SNR/KVSS) – During the week of March 22-26, normal programming on the Spirit Catholic Radio Network will be replaced with the Spring 2010 Care-a-Thon – “Come Holy Spirit.”

From 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., this semi-annual on-air membership drive will focus on raising funds necessary to meet the operational needs of the network.
“We’re inviting you to become a member of the Spirit Catholic Radio family, or renew your membership,” said Jim Carroll, executive director of Spirit Catholic Radio. “The very act of calling makes you a member. Whether prayer support or financial support, your call is an affirmation that Spirit Catholic Radio matters to you.”

Mr. Carroll explained that contributions during the Care-a-Thon help meet on-going operational expenses of more than $90,000 per month.

“Utilities, salaries, licenses, production, programming, and equipment are among our many expenses. Our Care-a-Thons play a critical role in keeping the Spirit Catholic Radio Network on the air.”

For 12 hours, Monday through Friday, regular programming will be pre-empted, providing time to hear a variety of voices talking about Catholic radio.
“The bishops and various priests and religious from the Spirit Catholic Radio coverage area will have the opportunity to be heard, along with people you hear regularly on Spirit 102.7 FM,” said John Soukup, Lincoln/Grand Island station manager. “Last year we had over 2,500 donors whom we consider our life blood. Listener support is so vital to our mission, so we’re asking all to prayerfully consider a gift.”

Listeners have the option of becoming a member of the Challenger Club. Any gift of $500 or more will be used to challenge listeners to match, dollar for dollar, thereby doubling the pledge. Challenge dollars can be pledged now at 402-571-0200, ext. 15, or at KVSS.com. A toll free number will also be advertised during the Care-a-Thon to make a pledge.

“I love it when we get calls from people to help match a challenge gift, or who are calling because they were inspired to become a member of the Spirit Catholic Radio family,” said Mr. Soukup. “We’ve had people calling from their tractor while in the field listening to the radio, or from people across the world listening on KVSS.com. It’s then you know that our mission to bring Christ to people and people to Christ is having an impact.”

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