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‘Parenting in the Digital Age’

Fr. Kilcawley speaks at Cathedral School

LINCOLN (SNR) - Father Sean Kilcawley, a priest in residence at the Cathedral of the Risen Christ and director of the Office of Family Life and Evangelization for the Diocese of Lincoln, gave a special presentation Sept. 2 to parents of Cathedral School students.

Father Kilcawley’s presentation, “Parenting in the Internet age,” covered God’s plan for humanity - how the love of the Trinity is mirrored in human spouse/parent/child relationships - but also how that can be torn apart by outside influences, such as accidental exposure to pornography online, even at young ages.

“According to a new study by Symantec,” he said, encouraging parents to attend the talk, “children as young as 7 are finding porn online. If you are not monitoring your children’s access to apps, mobile devices and the internet you are exposing them to a harsh cyber-world. If fellow parents are also not vigilant, your child is just as much at risk. And really, that’s neglect.”

Cathedral principal Jeremy Ekeler said Father Kilcawley “has seen issues with kids as young as third grade experiencing inappropriate content online.”

In his talk, Father Kilcawley shared tips for parents, including the benefits of the service Covenant Eyes, a software company that provides filtering and accountability, as well as support and tutorials for parents. A portion of the subscription fee for Covenant Eyes is returned to the Diocese of Lincoln for work in combating pornography and educating all people about the dignity of the human person and God’s plan for authentic love.

Father Kilcawley also has several videos available for parents on the diocesan website. The videos include catechesis for parents, as well as instructions on setting parental controls on various devices.

Father Kilcawley said he was edified by the number of parents in attendance and also by the comments and feedback he received.

“We are all partners in protecting our children, online and off,” he said. 

Contact Father Kilcawley at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 402-488-2040.

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