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Campus ministry equals ‘All Glory to God’

New endeavor at St. Cecilia in Hastings embraced by students, families, community

Story by Dominic Winter

HASTINGS (SNR) - In mid-August, St. Cecilia High School in Hastings started a campus ministry program.

The endeavor aims to spiritually aid the families of the school and also of the Hastings community. Sara LeDuc and Father Adam Sughroue began the campus ministry department under the direction of superintendent Father Thomas Brouillette, principal Father Lee Jirovsky, and assistant principal Mrs. Sandy VanCura.

The school serves 134 students in grades 9-12; 130 from area parishes and four non-Catholic students.

LeDuc and Father Sughroue planned a “Homecoming Holy Half Hour” at the beginning of homecoming week.  The event, intended to introduce students to Eucharistic Holy Hours, included exposition, a talk, and the opportunity for confessions, with ice cream sandwiches served afterward.  The community responded excellently: 60 students and five families. So many wanted to go to confession that the “Holy Half Hour” became a full hour.

During Father Sughroue’s talk, LeDuc was inspired with a catchphrase for the ministry: AG2G (All Glory to God).  The students made the phrase their own. Several of the school’s sports teams used the phrase as a team motto, and many students wear the phrase on wrists, hands, t-shirts and even uniforms.

“This year we are trying to give more praise to God on the field and off the field,” said Gus Clark, senior captain of the football team. “Even when we win or lose, we have to give “All Glory to God.’  We have been working really hard not only on our football abilities, but also showing our faith on and off the field. 

“On the field,” he added, “we have ‘AG2G’ written on our wrists as a reminder while we play.”

Other campus ministry functions include “Intention Wednesday,” where faculty and staff members can email prayer intentions to LeDuc and Father Sughroue to be sent to all the faculty and staff, and “Inspiration Friday,” a time to recognize the blessings of each week. The campus ministry also arranged for extra confession times to be available on Monday and Thursday. The campus ministry team is also planning a service day for the high school students.

“It has been so inspiring watching our community at STC grow stronger every day,” LeDuc said. “The faculty, staff, parents, and students have inspired me to continue giving ‘AG2G,’ even when I get tired or stressed. Students come out of nowhere to assist us and they are always so enthusiastic and happy. Their joy becomes our joy.

“Father Sughroue and I definitely feel so blessed to have the job and opportunities that we have,” she continued. “This is only my second year here at STC but it already feels like home. I feel like I share so much in common with the community here and can feel that faith binds us all together. I love watching that bond of faith grow stronger and stronger. I had such an amazing high school experience and have so many teachers and adults to thank for that. It is my hope that I can help make these students’ high school experience amazing too!”

“Doing campus ministry at STC has been a great blessing,” Father Sughroue said.  “Like anything it has its own challenges, such as coming up with events that the students like, but it is incredibly rewarding. I love that they have taken AG2G and made it their own. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for us the rest of the year. 

“Watching students participate in different events, events that I never did when I was in high school is very rewarding,” he added.

“The future of the Church is bright; the students that we help today will become leaders tomorrow. Please join us in praying for our faculty, staff, and students.”

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