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Celebrating March’s saints

by S.L. Hansen

Learn about the saints and enjoy activities to help you remember their stories or develop virtues. You can find a saint and activity each day of the month, at www.TodayWithTheSaints.blogspot.com.

March 6: Saint Colette
After her parents died, Colette gave all her money to the poor and joined the Franciscans. Then God told her in a dream to go help the Poor Clares, who were not obeying their rule as they should. Pope Benedict XIII put Colette in charge of reforming the order.

One way Saint Colette taught the Poor Clares to be humble and prayerful was to have them go barefoot. Today, keep your socks and shoes off when you are at home. Every time you think about how cold your feet are, pray!

March 13: Saint Agnellus
Saint Francis sent Brother Agnellus to Oxford, England, to start a new monastery. Agnellus also started what would become Oxford University, because he understood that education is very, very important. Once, he helped his friend King Henry III stop a civil war by negotiating with both sides.

Today, be a peacemaker like St. Agnellus. If you hear people arguing, ask the Holy Spirit to guide you in helping them understand each other.

March 17: St. Patrick
Saint Patrick is a popular saint, but many people don’t realize how humble he was, nor how good he was at explaining God to others. He spent a lot of time talking to Irish people had never heard about Jesus. Many people became Christians after hearing Patrick preach.

Saint Patrick used a plant—the shamrock—to explain the Holy Trinity. He would say that the one God has three Persons, just like one shamrock had three leaves. Today, make green paper shamrocks as decorations for your home.

March 24: Saint Aldemar the Wise
Aldemar was obedient to God, but it wasn’t always easy. A princess wanted him to direct a convent she had built, but his abbot assigned him elsewhere, and that made the princess angry. After Aldemar left for his new assignment, one of his companions tried to kill him.

Even when Saint Aldemar did his best to stay out of trouble, trouble came looking for him. But he just kept doing what Jesus asked him to do. Today, memorize John 16:33b: “In the world you face persecution. But take courage; I have conquered the world!”

March 31: Saint Benjamin the Deacon
Benjamin was born in Persia, which we call Iran today. He was sent to jail for one year for being a Christian. He was set free on the condition that he would never speak to anybody who worked for the king about religion. That didn’t stop Saint Benjamin. He was arrested and executed for preaching about Christ.

In Iran and surrounding Middle Eastern nations, it is becoming more difficult to talk openly about Christ. Today, ask God to strengthen Christians who live under the threat of arrest – or worse – if they share the Gospel.

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