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Celebrating September’s saints

Learn about the saints and enjoy activities to help you remember their stories or develop virtues. You can find a saint and activity each day of the month, at www.TodayWithTheSaints.blogspot.com.

September 4: Saint Rosalia
Saint Rosalia was born into an important family. When she was still young, she realized that Jesus was all that mattered. She left her beautiful home and moved into a cave, where she  spent all her time praying to Jesus.

Activity: Let each child make a “cave” to stay in for a little while without toys, books or other distractions. It can be an indoor tent, a sheet thrown over a folding table, etc. If you find it hard to stay in the cave for long, remind yourself we all need some quiet time with Jesus.

September 7: Saint Cloud
Cloud was in line to become King of France, but his mean uncle took the throne by killing Cloud’s older brothers. Cloud got away. He wasn’t interested in becoming king anyway; he wanted to be a priest so he could teach people how to live in purity and devotion.

Activity: Make a cloud out of Ivory Soap. Simply microwave a half to a quarter of a bar for a minute or so on a sheet of wax paper. Allow to cool. Use it in your bath to make your body pure as you think how to keep your heart pure, too.

September 13: Saint John Chrysostom
This saint was trained to be a great speaker. He taught people it was important to know and memorize Scripture. Even though he was bishop of Constantinople, some important people didn’t like him. The empress exiled him so she wouldn’t have to listen to him tell her to share her riches with the poor.

Activity: Memorizing Bible verses can help you all your life, because the verses you know by heart come back to you when you need them most. Today, memorize Psalm 1. (Even small children can memorize the first half of the first verse.

September 18: Saint Joseph Cupertino
Joseph was such a miserable person, he couldn’t find a job until the Franciscans hired him as a servant. He worked very hard and grew humble. After he was ordained a priest, he would become so enraptured by God at Mass, he would float!

Activity: Make a floating saint. Cut a small shape like a gingerbread man from a plastic grocery sack. Blow up a balloon and tie it shut. Rub the balloon on your hair for 30 seconds while you rub the plastic man on the other side. Holding the balloon in front of you, float the plastic saint above the balloon.

September 29: Feast of the Archangels
The archangels are God’s special servants. Their names are Michael, which means, “Who is like God,” Gabriel (“God is my strength”), and Raphael (“God has healed”). They help us out in many ways.

Activity: God always provides what we need, and sometimes what we need is an angel to defend us. In our family, we ask Saint Michael to defend us every single day. So, pray and memorize the prayer to Saint Michael the Archangel, and be sure to use it whenever you are feeling weak, alone and frightened.

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