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Students create school mural at Aquinas in David City

By Ben Wisnieski, Aquinas High School

DAVID CITY (AHS) – At the request of Father Sean Timmerman, chief administrative officer at Aquinas High School in David City, the senior art students recently created a 4-by-8-foot mural of a ‘Monarch’ – the school mascot.

Combining acrylic paint and teamwork, the new artwork hangs in between the school’s gymnasiums.

Senior art students designed and painted the mural.

“Katie Aschoff, McKenzie Eller, Jayden Sylvester, Conner Kranda, Emily Byers, Jenna Eller and I worked on it together,” said senior Mike Jakub.

Teacher Mrs. Joan Cech provided assistance to the art students. They worked on the mural for the first three weeks of school.

Using sponge brushes to mix the paints, and a projector to find the correct alignment, the seniors learned new ways to blend paints and how to work together on such a large project.

“When everyone works together, there is a lot more give and take,” Cech said. “A big group project is very different than their own individual projects.”

Inspired by a poster of a majestic lion in Coach Ron Mimick’s office, the art students encountered difficulties ranging from making the perfect nose to getting the various shades of fur on the monarch’s mane just right.

“I really like the way it turned out,” senior Jenna Eller said. “Everything seemed to really tie in with each other.”

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