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Seminar: learning, teaching the New Evangelization

‘By virtue of our Baptism, we are all called to share the Good News’

Story by Tess Wahlmeier

LINCOLN (SNR) - St. Michael Parish in Lincoln is collaborating with St. Paul Street Evangelization to create a seminar dedicated to teaching Catholics how to evangelize in their parishes, workplaces, families, and relationships. 

The ‘Evangelization Seminar’ will be held at St. Michael Parish in Lincoln on Saturday, Nov. 14, beginning with Mass at 8:15 a.m. and concluding at 3 p.m. 

Although the seminar is sponsored by St. Michael Parish and St. Paul Street Evangelization, attendees need not be a member of either organization to participate in the seminar. 

Joy Martin, a member of the St. Michael Parish Evangelization Team and RCIA coordinator for the parish, said the seminar will consist of several short talks, small-group sessions, questions and answers, as well as Mass and prayer.

“This is for anyone,” Martin said.  “Anyone already actively evangelizing, anyone interested in getting involved in street evangelization...  but also anyone who is set on fire, or wants to be set on fire, to take a more active role in parish life, or even someone who just wants to know how to engage in conversation with people they encounter, friends, family members.  

“Many people deal with challenging relationships,” she continued, “and sometimes it’s hard to navigate them, so this is an opportunity to gain some tools. This seminar is not just about learning how to encounter  another person, but it’s also an opportunity to prepare ourselves as evangelists - what are some things we can do personally, in our spiritual life, to help our own evangelization and discipleship efforts become more fruitful, to be better instruments of Jesus’ love and mercy?”

Martin and the other members of the Evangelization Team have been studying the New Evangelization and coming up with ways to work on evangelizing and discipleship within the parish.

“We started a year ago, coming together to study evangelization, especially the New Evangelization,” Martin said. “We considered ourselves an evangelization think tank, to explore where we are as a parish, what do we want to do, how can we get more people involved, how can we really focus, as well,  on discipleship and formation of youth, formation of adults— all those aspects of parish life.”

Martin is also a prayer warrior for the St. Paul Street Evangelization, the co-sponsor of the evangelization seminar. 

St. Paul Street Evangelization began in Lincoln two summers ago, setting up a table in the Lincoln Haymarket on Saturday mornings to evangelize on the streets of Lincoln.  The evangelists hand out miraculous medals, rosaries, and pamphlets and talk with people who are interested or have questions about the faith.  Bob Sullivan, a member of St. Cecilia Parish in Hastings and a leader of the St. Paul Street Evangelization in Lincoln, will present several sessions at the seminar.

“People can do it, and it doesn’t always necessarily mean that they’re going to be talking with strangers, or even talking with fellow Catholics,” Sullivan said.  “There’s many, many ways to evangelize that don’t require people to talk, so if they’re uncomfortable with that, there are places for them.”

Father Borowiak, pastor of St. Michael Parish, Father Eric Clark, assistant pastor, and a team of laypeople will assist with the seminar, as well. Several members of the St. Paul Street Evangelization will be at the seminar to help with small-group discussions.

To RSVP, contact 402-806-9686 or 402-488-1313 ext. 52504.

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