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Celebrating December’s saints

Learn about the saints and enjoy activities to help remember their stories or develop virtues. Find a saint and activity each day of the month at www.TodayWithTheSaints.blogspot.com.

December 6: Saint Nicholas
Saint Nicholas was not a perfect man. He made mistakes like anybody else, but that didn’t stop him from helping others.  He did many wonderful things. Once, he tossed bags of coins through a window (or maybe down the chimney) so three poor sisters could afford to get married.

Activity: In other countries, children set out their shoes on the night of December 5 and wake up on St. Nicholas day to find chocolate coins wrapped in golden foil. Make small paper stockings (or shoes), fill them with chocolate coins and leave them for your family or neighbors to find on the Feast of St. Nicholas.

December 9: St. Juan Diego
Saint Juan Diego lived near Mexico City and worked as a weaver and farmer. On December 9, 1531, he got up early to walk to Mass 15 miles away, but a young woman dressed as an Aztec princess called to him. She revealed herself as the Virgin Mary. After his miraculous cloak showed the image of Our Lady, the bishop agreed to build the church she requested and thousands of people became Christians.

Activity: Today is the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception as well as Saint Juan Diego’s feast day. Celebrate with a special Mexican meal, at home or at a restaurant.

December 15: Saint Maria (Paula) DiRosa
By age 17, Paula was volunteering at her parish. At 24, she was supervisor of a workhouse for poor girls and started a safe boarding house for her workers. She became superior of the Handmaids of Charity at age 30, serving in a hospital. During a war, an army came to break into the hospital and kill all the wounded soldiers inside, but Sister Maria bravely met them at the door carrying a large crucifix, and they left.

Activity: Sister Maria would do anything to help people. Today, think of a way to help somebody (before you are asked), then do it.

December 26: St. Stephen
Stephen was one of the seven deacons ordained by the Apostles in the first days of the Church. Stephen helped the Apostles and preached about Christ. For this, he was condemned to die. Stephen talked about Jesus and asked God to forgive the men who were about to kill him. Only somebody who had the love of Jesus filling his heart could ask for that!

Activity: Having a forgiving heart is important for Christians. Ask Saint Stephen to pray that you will be able to forgive everybody who has ever done or ever will do something wrong to you.

December 30: Saint Anysia
Saint Anysia grew up wealthy, but she dedicated herself to Jesus and her money to helping the poor. One day, a soldier who didn’t believe in Jesus tried to drag Anysia into a pagan temple to make a sacrifice to his false gods. Anysia resisted, making him so angry, he killed her.

Activity:  Today, go through all your belongings and find good, useful things that don’t work for you any more but could be used by somebody else. Maybe you got two of the same item for Christmas, so you can give away the spare. Take your donations to the nearest homeless shelter.

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