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Cortland youth group makes, gives away blankets

By Tess Wahlmeier

CORTLAND (SNR) - “PowerSurge – Get Connected, Be Empowered.”

This is the motto of the new “PowerSurge” youth group at St. James Parish in Cortland. Started this fall by Renee Dominy and other parents of St. James Parish, PowerSurge brings kids together, preschool through eighth grade, for food, fun, and faith-filled events.  The group meets once a month, and each meeting begins with a meal and then focuses on a different “Power Word” and “Power Verse,” such as “faith,” “hope,” and, most recently, “courage.”

This month, their activity was making blankets to deliver to in-need residents at nursing facilities around the area.  Dominy said the group purchased fleece blankets, and then tied them and made cards for the residents who would receive the blankets.

“Courage was tied in with the fleece blankets because we talked about how hope is when you’re wishing something would happen, and faith is believing something would happen, even when you don’t see it. But courage is really making something happen,” Dominy said.  “It was ironic that we also met on Veterans Day, and so we talked about how courage comes in all different shapes and sizes, and it can be a little gesture of kindness or it can be sacrificing much, much more.”

The blanket-making also was held on the feast of St. Martin of Tours, who tore his cloak in half to give to a beggar and later, in a dream, saw Jesus wearing the torn cloak he had given the beggar. Father Nicholas Kipper, pastor of St. James Parish, told the story to the children before the activity.

“It’s good that the kids are learning about how to put their faith into practice by doing this,” he said. “We live out our faith through these works of mercy, and it’s especially something to be attentive to in this upcoming year of mercy.”

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