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Diocese plans ‘Intro to Deliverance’

LINCOLN (SNR) – All are welcome to attend “Introduction to Deliverance,” presented by the diocesan Office of Evangelization May 18, beginning at 7 p.m. in the John XXIII Diocesan Center, 3700 Sheridan Blvd., Lincoln.

The event will describe what deliverance is and how it fits into the Catholic Faith.

“Jesus came to deliver us from evil in all of its many forms,” said Father Andrew Heaslip, director of evangelization and religious education for the Diocese of Lincoln. “In fact, every time we say an Our Father we ask God for deliverance; we pray ‘... deliver us from evil.’ Deliverance then is Jesus’ work of freeing us from the areas in our life that are entangled with evil, for example, from old wounds that we might be carrying, from certain lies that we believe to be true, or, of course, from our own sins.

“In his mercy Jesus frees us from these evils and delivers us from all the subtle or blatant ways that the devil exploits these areas of wounds, lies, and sins,” he explained. 

Father Heaslip said the May 18 talks will further explore the meaning of deliverance as well as consider a particular diocesan ministry, Unbound, “which is effectively extending Jesus’ power of deliverance in people’s lives.”

The evening will include four parts, lasting about 20 minutes each. The first part is entitled ‘The Meaning of Deliverance’ and will be presented by Father Heaslip. The second part will be offered by Matt Simmons, the coordinator of Unbound. He will focus on what is happening with the ‘Unbound Ministry’ in Lincoln.

“The natural growth and fruitfulness of this ministry has seriously amazed me,” Simmons said. “People are finding freedom from fear, addictions, and insecurities.”

In the third part Lori Weskamp will share her witness about the reality of deliverance in her life. Finally, each of the three presenters will offer a question-and-answer panel on deliverance.

Father Heaslip stressed that all are welcome to attend the presentation: laity, clergy, religious, non-Catholics, “anyone who would like a better understanding of the meaning of deliverance and how each person can benefit from it,” he said.

No registration is required to attend.

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