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Celebrating July’s saints

Learn about the saints and enjoy activities to help you remember their stories or develop virtues.  Find a saint and activity each day of the month, at www.TodayWithTheSaints.blogspot.com.

July 1: Saint Gall
Saint Gall was an Irish missionary in Switzerland. He lived as a hermit, but he was widely known because he was so holy. Once, he was walking through a forest when a bear threatened him. He rebuked the bear in the name of Jesus, and the bear stopped its attack and became Saint Gall’s constant companion.

Activity: Saint Gall was so close to Jesus, even wild animals obeyed him. Today, carry a teddy bear with you to remind you of his faith.

July 7: Blessed Humphrey Lawrence
Humphrey Lawrence was born in England in 1572. After meeting some Jesuit missionaries, he became Catholic, which was against the law. When Humphrey met Queen Elizabeth I, he bravely called her a heretic, and she had him arrested.

Activity: Remove three queens from a deck of cards. Deal all the cards out to the players. Each player should remove any pairs (two kings, etc.) and set them aside. The first player selects a card from the dealer, setting aside any pair that results. Continue this way until one player holds the single queen. That player is Blessed Humphrey Lawrence and wins the game.

July 14: Saint Kateri Tekakwitha
Kateri was a Mohawk Native American. When she became a Christian as a teenager, her whole tribe hated her. She moved to Canada to live with a colony of Christian Native Americans and taught others about Jesus.

Activity: Saint Kateri would carve crosses into the trees to make her own little shrines for prayer. You can do something similar by collecting twigs and using colorful yarn to tie two straight twigs together to form a cross. Hang your crosses from the trees in your yard or at other places you visit frequently, like your church or a public park.

July 23: Saint Bridget of Sweden
After Saint Bridget’s husband died, she knew God was calling her to organize a new religious order. Soon after she started, she felt that she was called to Rome. She died as an old woman who never saw any of her work for Christ finished, but full of faith in Him. This is why she is called the Patroness of Failures.

Activity: Even though she never finished her big projects, Saint Bridget wrote wonderful prayers many people still use. Today, write your own prayer to God. Start by telling Him how much you love Him. Then, state a request. Finish by thanking Him and saying, “Amen.”

July 29: Saint Martha
When Jesus and His disciples came to visit Martha and her family, she immediately set to work to serve them, but her sister Mary simply sat and listened. Martha didn’t think this was fair and asked Jesus to tell Mary to get to work. Instead, Jesus told Martha that it was better that she join them.

Activity: Sometimes the things we “should” be doing are not as important as spending time with Jesus. Today, pray as a family first thing in the morning, and pray before and after every meal. Finish with family prayer before bed, and you will have spent the whole day with the Lord.

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