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‘Christ Our Teacher’ podcasts for catechists to launch this month

Story by Tess Wahlmeier

LINCOLN (SNR) – The Office of Religious Education is making podcasts designed specifically with teachers in mind – short enough to listen to on the way to work, and powerful enough to impact the way one teaches his or her school students, CCD group, or children at home about the faith. 

The “Christ Our Teacher” podcasts are available on the diocesan website at: www.lincolndiocese.org/christourteacher.

Father Andrew Heaslip, director of religious education and evangelization and diocesan digital media coordinator, said he hopes to launch the podcasts in July, and subsequent podcasts once or twice a month after that.

“The goal of Catholic education is to share in the mystery of Christ,” Father Heaslip said, “and this is done in school settings or at home when, while we look at all the forms of human knowledge, especially religious knowledge, we discover the same Spirit of Truth, which is the Spirit of Christ.” He continued, “We hope these podcasts will help teachers to share this mystery of Jesus.”

Sister Mary Catherine, C.K., religious education coordinator, first came up with the idea of having podcasts designed specifically for teachers.

“It’s been neat to see, in recent months, how the diocese has made available so many of the talks and presentations that have been given in the diocese,” Sister Catherine said. 

She explained that the Christ Our Teacher podcasts are a means of using technology to reach and unite educators throughout the diocese.

“We want the teachers in our schools, we want the teachers in our CCD programs, we want the parents – whoever is forming the hearts and minds of the young people – we want them all to not only know the truth, but to have their own lives being continually transformed, and one way to reach them is a podcast,” Sister Mary Catherine said.

The podcasts are meant for anyone involved in teaching and sharing the faith, including parents.

“Parents are the first catechists of children,” Father Heaslip said.

Some of the speakers featured in the Christ Our Teacher podcasts include Father Lee Jirovsky, assistant chief administrative officer at Pius X High School in Lincoln, who talks about Gravissimum Educationis, the Vatican II document by Pope Paul VI on Catholic Education; Father Sean Kilcawley, director of the Office of Family Life, who will have a podcast on Kerygma (from the Greek keryssein, to proclaim, and keryx, herald, which refers to the proclamation of the gospel message) for catechists; and Father Heaslip, who will speak on the National Directory for Catechesis and some of the major themes of imparting the Christian message.

Sister Mary Catherine said she has many more contacts and ideas for podcasts, including interviewing some of the Catholic school and CCD teachers, as well as students throughout the diocese.

Father Heaslip and Sister Mary Catherine welcome all suggestions for podcasts topics. The Christ Our Teacher Podcasts can be found online on the Lincoln Diocese website at www.lincolndiocese.org/podcast.

They can also be accessed on the go through iTunes by searching 'Christ Our Teacher Podcasts.' To access the podcast from an app on an Android phone, simply copy and paste the RSS link from the webpage into the Android app.

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