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Radio launches website for Catholic millennials

Benevore.net to provide quality content to young Catholics

OMAHA (SNR/SCR) – Spirit Catholic Radio announced the launch of a new project—Benevore.net—an integrative website for Catholic millennials.

The website was officially launched in early January during the SEEK 2017 FOCUS conference in San Antonio, Texas.

Benevore.net features a mix of high-quality content from trusted sources as well as original content and includes articles, podcasts, videos and more. The content is curated specifically to appeal to young Catholics. The name Benevore comes from the combination of the Latin words “bene,” meaning “good,” and “vore” which comes from the Latin term vorare, meaning “to devour.”

“While the website is in its infancy now, we are very encouraged by the potential it has to reach young Catholics,” said Jim Carroll, executive director of Spirit Catholic Radio. “Millennial Catholics are not in Spirit Catholic Radio’s primary listening demographic, so we created Benevore.net to reach out to this group as a part of our “Encounter Jesus” initiative—which is to work toward ensuring every person within our listening area has a personal encounter with Jesus Christ.”

Spirit Catholic Radio chose to launch Benevore.net at SEEK 2017 because of the conference’s audience, comprised of young Catholics from across the nation.

“Benevore.net is a website for all young Catholics across the U.S.,” said Carroll. “At this time, the project is a website, but we look forward to developing an app for iPhone and Android platforms later in 2017.”

Visit Benevore.net to learn more and subscribe. For questions and comments, visit Benevore.net/contact.

Benevore.net is also on social media at Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat.

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