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Celebrating February’s saints

Learn about the saints and enjoy activities to help you remember their stories or develop virtues.  Find a saint and activity each day of the month, at www.TodayWithTheSaints.blogspot.com.

February 3: Saint Blaise

Saint Blaise was a bishop in Armenia during the 8th century. Once, a little boy had a fish bone stuck in his throat and couldn’t breathe. Saint Blaise healed him.

Activity: Go to a local Catholic parish for Mass where you can also receive the Blessing of Throats on Saint Blaise Day. Two candles are blessed and crossed against the throat as the priest prays for you to avoid illness – a great thing during cold and flu season!

February 10: Saint Scholastica

Both Scholastica and her twin brother, Saint Benedict, dedicated their lives to God. As adults, once a year, they met to pray and talk about God. Once, the conversation was so good, Scholastica prayed that God would keep Benedict with her one more day. A terrible thunderstorm started, so he had to spend the night. This is why people ask Saint Scholastic to pray for them during storms.

Activity: The prayer and conversations that Benedict and Scholastica shared helped both of them grow in their faith in God. Today, chat with one of your siblings (or another relative) about God.

February 18: Saint Simon the Zealot

Tradition tells us that the Apostle Simon the Zealot was a cousin to the Lord Jesus Christ. Some people say that it was his wedding that the Lord attended in John 2, when He did His first public miracle. Simon is called “the zealot” because of his firm faith in Jesus that could not be shaken.

Activity: Read and discuss the story of the Wedding at Cana in John 2 with your family. What do you think it was like for Simon to find out his own cousin was the Messiah?
February 22: Saint Margaret of Cortona

As a girl, Margaret ran away from home because of family problems. Years later, she returned to apologize. Her dad and stepmother refused to listen, so Margaret went to live in a monastery. She ran away again because she thought being a sister was too hard. However, the Lord brought her back, and everything was different. She worked hard caring for the sick and learned to pray.

Activity: It’s always hard to admit that we are wrong, but today, apologize for something you’ve done that hurt others. If they aren’t ready to forgive you, remember that Jesus is always ready to forgive.

February 27: Pope Saint Hilary

Hilary was pope in the 5th century, when there were many divisions in the Church. Hilary worked very hard to bring people back together in Christian unity, and he succeeded in many parts of Europe and Africa.

Activity: Today there are even more divisions in the Church than there were 1,500 years ago. Bringing all of us back together as one Church is a huge challenge. It would take a miracle! Luckily God is good at miracles. Today, read John 17:20-23 in your Bible. This is Jesus’ prayer that all Christians would remain one Church. Pray that the Lord will help the Church become one again.

IMAGE from Wikimedia Commons. St. Scholastica: Painting of Saint Scholastica (detail from altarpiece), circa 1453-54, by Andrea Mantegana (1431-1506), Brera Art Gallery, Milan, Italy.

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