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Nebraska Songwriter, Music Teacher Pays Tribute to the Blessed Mother

JULIAN (SNR) - Kevin Boos has been using the musical skills God gave him for the better part of 40 years, serving as a liturgist for St. Bernard Parish in Julian and teaching music for elementary students at Lourdes Central Catholic School in Nebraska City.

Now he’s written a new piece of liturgical music that collects all the Scriptural references of Mary into one song titled, "For the Love of the Son."

The song’s first inspiration came about three years ago during one of Father Mark Cyza’s homily about the Blessed Mother.

"He said that Mary always answered God’s request with ‘Yes,’" remembered Mr. Boos, who is also a published author and computer instructor.

Almost immediately, the idea of a song occurred to him.

"I had a pocket P.C., and I took it out and wrote down a couple ideas," said Mr. Boos. "And then it just kind of sat there."

Around two years later, however, inspiration struck again.

Mr. Boos had been attending a Bible study with the local Franciscan Sisters for several years. The group was exploring Mary’s appearance throughout the Bible, in both Old Testament prophesy and New Testament events.

Now the song was taking shape in the back of his mind. More threads worked it from other inspirational Catholic speakers.

In February, Mr. Boos finally sat down and wrote the lyrics out. Then he picked up his guitar and worked out the chords.

Right away, Mr. Boos knew there was something special about this song.

"Most of the songs I write, I don’t like," he admitted. "But this one I liked right away. The melody and the words fit together."

Mr. Boos played "For the Love of the Son" for his wife and grown children. But then he wanted to hear somebody else sing it, so he could evaluate it a bit more objectively. He immediately thought of Piper Monson.

Piper is about to start fifth grade at Lourdes Central Catholic School. She’s always been a musical child, taking up the violin when she was only 4 years old and starting guitar lessons at school with Mr. Boos when she was in the first grade.

In fact, Piper has become so adept at the guitar, she now acts as Mr. Boos’ assistant guitar instructor, teaching basic skills to the younger students. Together, they play guitar for the school Masses at Lourdes Central.

Now she plays both acoustic and classical guitar, piano and French horn. She studies ballet and tap and takes vocal lessons, singing in the Pink Ladies, a Nebraska City girls’ choir and at St. Bernard Parish for Mass. When she’s confirmed this year, she intends to take Saint Cecelia, patron saint of music, as her patroness.

Something about Piper’s clear soprano seemed to match "For the Love of the Son."

"I gave her the song and said, ‘I want you to sing this because I want to hear somebody else sing it,’" recalled Mr. Boos.

Pleased with the results, Mr. Boos recruited a few more people from Saint Bernard and the group sang "For the Love of the Son" at Mass there. They received numerous compliments.

Mr. Boos determined to record Piper and the others on his home computer. But Piper’s mother suggested a road trip to her cousin’s recording studio near Des Moines, Sound Farm.

Before long, the group had travelled to Jamaica, Iowa, and were laying down tracks in Sound Farm’s professional studio.

It was a dream come true for Mr. Boos, who has been playing guitar since he bought one from a friend for $15 in 1967. He played in a rock band as a high school student, but he never had the opportunity to record his own songs before.

"I’d help a couple of friends over the years, but nothing on my own," he said.

Mr. Boos combined the audio recording with some photographs that he took during the session and some religious artwork to create a video. He posted the video to YouTube so that other people can enjoy the song…and perhaps find inspiration in it.

"‘For the Love of the Son’ is intended to honor Mary for her importance to our faith as she answered ‘Yes,’ to God," Mr. Boos said.

Anyone with a personal computer is welcome to hear the song. Simply go to www.kevinboos.com and click on the link, "For the Love of the Son."

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