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Eucharistic Miracles display to be gifted to diocesan schools

Story by S.L. Hansen

(SNR) - Schools around the Diocese of Lincoln are soon to receive framed images of various Eucharistic Miracles that were once part of a traveling display.

The Kruml family, primarily Bob and his sister Cindy from St. John the Apostle Parish in Lincoln, created the traveling Eucharistic Miracles exhibit to help inspire more people to make Eucharistic adoration a regular part of their faith in the Lord.

“Our family’s been involved with perpetual adoration for a number of years,” Cindy Kruml said. “We wanted to see the Holy Eucharist honored in greater depth.”

Another sister, Sister Theresa Kruml, O.S.U., had put together a small display of Eucharistic miracles using photos provided through a Vatican collection titled, “The Eucharistic Miracles of the World.” Bob Kruml decided it might be a good idea to make sturdier panels that could withstand frequent transportation to parishes all over the diocese.

“I had this beautiful traveling Boy Scout museum,” he recalled. “I thought, ‘I’ll give the scout display to the new scout office… Then I can use the trailer and make a museum of the Eucharistic Miracles.’”

He got permission to use the same photos Sister Theresa had used and mounted the images in brushed aluminum frames. Many yards of red and white washable satin were purchased to make tablecloths and bunting.

“I got to do the sewing,” Cindy laughed.

Bob also collected literature to go with the display. For years, the Krumls trucked the Eucharistic Display panels to any parish or school in the diocese that requested it. They also took it to the Catholic Family Conference in Wichita, Kan., one year. Many hours were logged hauling the trailer, and many people experienced profound inspiration to worship our Eucharistic Lord.

In 2014, Bob’s health began to fail him. He lives with Cindy now, while his wife receives care in a nursing home. The Krumls donated the Eucharistic Miracles traveling display and the trailer to the Office of Evangelization, and Ron Schlautman and John Sinclair volunteered to start transporting it around the diocese as the Krumls have.

The pair kept a record of their travels with the Eucharistic Miracles display. Since they volunteered in 2014, they have logged 3,459 miles and nearly 80 hours in the truck, plus another 60 hours to set up and tear down the display.

Cindy just wants people to grow in their relationship with the Lord through seeing these display panels, even if they won’t be transported from parish to parish any more.

“It was such a  labor of love because everybody in our family has been devoted to the Eucharist in so many ways, and we feel the need to see people coming closer and closer to the Eucharist,” she said. “It’s a touching thing if you allow yourself to be caught.”

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