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Bishop Conley on Catholic Answers Live call-in show June 23

By Reagan Scott

(SNR) - On Friday, June 23 at 5 p.m. central time, Bishop Conley will speak on the radio call-in show, Catholic Answers Live.

(Editor's Note: click for the bishop's previous appearances on the show)

According to Darin DeLozier, the producer of the show, the topic of the program will be the Eucharist and Bishop Conley’s recent pastoral letter, Love Made Visible.

Based out of San Diego, Catholic Answers is an international lay-run organization dedicated to apologetics and evangelization.

Catholic Answers is headed by president Christopher Check, who took on the role two and a half years ago after being handed the reins by the founder of the organization, Karl Keating.

Thirty-five years ago, a Baptist church in San Diego placed leaflets that attacked the Catholic Faith on cars of churchgoers during Mass. In response, Keating typed up a response to place on the cars at the Baptist Church and put the name “Catholic Answers” at the bottom with a P.O. Box number.

In just a few short weeks, Keating was surprised to find that the box was full of requests for more publications. As the years went on, Keating devoted more and more time to Catholic Answers until he decided to close his law firm to devote all of his time to the apostolate.

Nineteen years ago, Catholic Answers Live was established as a radio show dedicated to apologetics and evangelization. The daily two-hour spot can be heard on 370 radio stations across the country, including Spirit Catholic Radio.

Through the efforts of those involved in the organization, Catholic Answers has become a trusted brand for apologetics.

“People know they’re going to find exactly what the church teaches,” Check said.

Today, the organization spans the globe, has a show on EWTN, has had between seven and eight million minutes viewed on their YouTube channel and maintains a staff of full-time apologists who answer questions one-on-one for callers.

“Our apostolate moves in all possible media that we can,” Check said.

Catholic Answers Live has featured all manner of church leaders on the show, including Bishop Conley who has appeared on their Ask a Bishop segment. He also spoke at Catholic Answers’ first national conference five years ago.

“We love him dearly,” Check said of Bishop Conley. “He’s a good, orthodox bishop. His Excellency appreciates and understands the beauty of evangelization. He’s an inspiration to a lot of the faithful.”

Check explained that Bishop Conley’s emphasis on beauty and celebrating the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass with reverence has a way of drawing people’s hearts to God and that he has the courage and presence to spread his message across America. He said he believes that this will be one of Bishop Conley’s legacies. 

Check also sees the importance of Bishop Conley’s recent pastoral letter and emphasis on spending time with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.

“Adoration is such a critical topic that really requires someone with his understanding and heart,” Check said.

In today’s society, Adoration has become something that is harder for people to experience.

Check said, “It’s hard to be in front of the Blessed Sacrament and sit still.”

With Bishop Conley’s upcoming segment on Catholic Answers Live, people across the nation will be able to hear his message about the importance of Adoration and the Eucharist.

Those who would like to hear Bishop Conley speak during his segment on Catholic Answers Live can tune into Spirit Catholic Radio, catholic.com or satellite radio station 130 at 5 p.m. central time on June 23. Listeners can also find a recording of the segment after the show by subscribing to Catholic Answers Live’s podcast or downloading MP3 recordings of the show.

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