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Celebrating October’s saints

Learn about the saints and enjoy activities to help you remember their stories or develop virtues.  Find a saint and activity each day of the month, at www.TodayWithTheSaints.blogspot.com.

October 3: Saint Ewald and Saint Ewald
Once there were two brothers, both named Ewald and both priests. “Ewald the Dark” had dark hair, and “Ewald the Fair” was blonde. They were missionaries in Germany. Pagans murdered them and threw their bodies into the Rhine River. Miraculously, their bodies floated against the current for 40 miles with a heavenly light shining above them. A friend found their bodies and buried them.

Activity: Make a Saint Ewalds’ Float. Fill a glass within an inch of the rim with chilled cream soda. Float a small scoop of vanilla ice cream and a small scoop of chocolate ice cream on top for Ewald the Fair and Ewald the Dark.

October 8: Saint Pelagia
Pelagia was a beautiful, rich actress until the day she heard Saint Nonnus preach about Jesus. She asked him to baptize her, then gave him all her money to help the poor. She gave up her wealth, job and beauty, moving to Jerusalem to live in a cave and wear a monk’s robes as she prayerfully did penance for all her sins. People called her “the beardless monk.”

Activity: When Pelagia learned about Jesus, she gave up everything to thank Him for dying for her sin. Today, take a few moments to think about your own sins and pray an Act of Contrition to the Lord.

October 16: Saint Gerard Majella
Saint Gerard Majella very devoted to Christ. He became a Redemptorist brother when he was 23. Once, a young woman accused Gerard of a crime he did not commit. He patiently accepted the ruling against him. She finally confessed that he was innocent.

Activity: Saint Gerard was so close to Jesus, his touch healed the sick, and he knew what others were thinking before they spoke. Many people ask Saint Gerard to pray for them, especially pregnant women and couples who want to have a baby. Choose somebody you know and ask St. Gerard to pray with you for that person today.

October 24: Saint Anthony Mary Claret
Born in Spain, Anthony started out studying to be a weaver, but he realized God was calling him to religious life, so he became a priest. Father Anthony served as a missionary until he was made Archbishop of Cuba. All his life, he was dedicated to helping the poor and encouraging education. He built schools, libraries, a scientific laboratory, a museum of natural history.

Activity: For Saint Anthony Mary Claret, faith was the most important thing in the world, and education was a close second. He wanted everybody to have the opportunity to learn. Today, visit a museum or library and make a point of learning something new.

October 30: Saint Alphonsus
Alphonsus wanted to be a Jesuit priest, but he had to run the family business. After many years, he sold the business and returned to the Jesuits as a lay brother. His job was to greet visitors, run errands and deliver messages. Alphonsus had a wonderful ministry, giving visitors advice and spiritual direction.

Activity: Alphonsus said that each time the doorbell rang, he pictured God Himself standing outside. This changed how he treated visitors. To help you remember to treat everyone who comes to your home as a child of Christ, place a small icon or picture of the Lord on your front door.

Image of St. Pelagia, public domain from Wikimedia Commons. Taught by St. Nonnus, then entering monastic life. Icon from the Miniature Minology of Basil II, the Vatican Library. Rome.

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