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Bishop encourages use of Formed.org

(SNR) – A two-year gift subscription given to all parishes in southern Nebraska is coming to an end.

During the Joy of the Gospel campaign, Bishop James Conley directed that a part of the New Evangelization portion of the campaign be directed toward subscribing every parish in the diocese to Formed.org for two years. 

Bishop Conley calls Formed.org “Netflix for Catholics.” It offers a wealth of informative and entertaining Catholic audio talks, eBooks, feature films, documentaries, and video-based study programs from trusted providers like Catholic Answers, Sophia Press, Knights of Columbus, Ignatius Press, St. Paul Center, and more.

Father Andrew Heaslip, director of evangelization for the Diocese of Lincoln, said Bishop Conley was grateful to see the number of people in the Lincoln Diocese who took advantage of this opportunity.

“For perspective,” he explained, “compared to other dioceses of similar size who have purchased a Formed subscription for all their parishes, our diocese has 4,091 registered users as compared to Birmingham with 3,824 or Colorado Springs with 3,044.

“Also, many of our registered users employ the content on Formed not just for personal use but also for groups,” he continued, “such as in our school classrooms, Godteen programs, RCIA, and a variety of small groups at the parish.”

Father Heaslip said the content on Formed is thoroughly Catholic, well produced, and extensive. They will soon add children’s videos and more Spanish and English materials.

“We hope that all parishes… will continue their subscription after the two-year diocesan subscription comes to an end,” he said.

Formed offers subscriptions for individual households at $9.99 per month, or by parish or “cluster,” a group of parishes that save by sharing a subscription. The rate for parishes of 300 or more families can be renewed at a discounted price of $1,604, instead of the standard $1,750 rate. Parishes or clusters of less than 300 families may renew at a discounted price of $775.

For parishes or clusters that would be unable to afford the full cost of a Formed subscription renewal and are in need of assistance, the bishop is offering 50% matching grants from the same Joy of the Gospel funds to help defray the cost.

The expiration dates of the two-year Formed subscription will differ in each parish or cluster, according to when they signed up for Formed, and whether they already had an annual Formed subscription.  

“I hope and pray that this two-year arrangement has borne good fruit,” Father Heaslip said.

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