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Diocese seeking superintendent of schools

LINCOLN (SNR) The Diocese of Lincoln has begun a search to hire a diocesan superintendent of schools.

The position has been filled since 1990 by Msgr. John Perkinton. Next summer, Msgr. Perkinton will be appointed vicar for education and a superintendent of schools will be hired.

“For many years we have been blessed with the dedicated and fine leadership of Msgr. John Perkinton as diocesan superintendent of schools,” Bishop James Conley said in a letter to diocesan staff. “I join you in holding him in high esteem as a priest and collaborator.”

The bishop further explained that in recent months, he and Msgr. Perkinton discerned the need to do some restructuring in the diocesan education office. After consulting chief administrative officers of the schools and other diocesan leaders in Catholic education, they decided to move forward with the search for a new superintendent of schools.

“Our hope is to find a leader with experience as a system-wide administrator, imbued with a love for Jesus Christ and his Church,” he said. He added that the diocese is securing outside funding for the position.

Msgr. Perkinton, a native of St. Patrick Parish in Lincoln, was ordained in 1985. He was named diocesan superintendent of schools in 1990, following Msgr. James Dawson, who served from 1961-1990. Msgr. Perkinton is also chaplain to the Marian Sisters and chief administrative officer of Villa Marie Home and School for Exceptional Children in Waverly.

The education office oversees 26 Catholic elementary schools and six Catholic high schools. More than 7,500 students attend the schools in grades pre-K through 12. The diocese employs more than 600 full- and part-time teachers, with more than 45 priests and more than 35 sisters who teach.

“I know you join me in thanking Msgr. Perkinton for his ongoing ministry and for assuring that the Catholic schools of the Diocese of Lincoln are strong,” Bishop Conley said. “Our schools are authentically Catholic, and have a long tradition of forming students for lifelong discipleship in Jesus Christ.

“We’re proud of the alumni who annually enter seminary and religious life after graduation,” he continued, “and proud of the alumni who live strong marriages, and engage actively in the missionary life of the Church. This is in no small part due to the prayers, sacrifices, and dedication of our diocesan education office staff and their collaborators.”

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