St. Germanus, Arapahoe

Altar Society Activities

  • Officers are Sandy Wengert President, Deborah Schaben Vice President, Benita Adams Secretary, Jennifer Schroeder Treasurer
  • Mary Kay Warner is the Endow Facilitator

Historical Highlights

  • The first church building was built near Arapahoe in 1879 and was made of sod.
  • Six years later a wood frame church was built in Arapahoe and dedicated as St. Germanus Catholic Church.
  • Since 1888 the church has been a mission; first of Orleans, Oxford, and now a mission of Cambridge.
  • The Our Lady of Fatima Shrine was built by Fr. Henry Denis who was a prisoner of the Nazis party between 1933 to 1945.
  • He promised to build a Shrine in Honor of the Virgin Mary, which was completed in 1956.
  • In recent years many additions and improvements have been added to the Shrine.  In 1999 a statue in honor of unborn children was added, of Rachel kneeling in prayer, cradling an empty blanket, weeping for a society bereaved of its children yet looking to God for forgiveness and healing.
  • The St. Germanus Our Lady of Fatima Shrine is a Pilgrimage Site, and visitors receive a Partial Indulgence, during the Year for Consecrated Life, from Nov. 23, 2014 to Feb. 2, 2016.
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