92 Questions - New and Improved

The 92 Questions were developed by Fr. James Divis during the episcopacy of Bishop Glennon Flavin. During his confirmation Masses Bishop Flavin would ask the children to be confirmed a variety of questions in many different areas of the faith. Over time Fr. Divis compiled these questions and produced the 92 Questions which has become the standard for confirmation preparation in the Diocese of Lincoln. Recently, at the initiative of Bishop Conley the 92 Questions have been updated with several new questions as well as Scripture and Catechism references.

Included here are:

1. The 92 Questions (with Answers)

2. A link to the 92 Questions (without Answers)

3. 92 Questions Powerpoint

4. 92 Preguntas en Español


Click the menuicon to download a copy of the Word or PowerPoint files

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