Chastity Education (9th Grade)

This Chastity Education Curriculum was developed by Fr. Sean Kilcawley. After many years of offering Theology of the Body conferences and after earning an advanced degree at the John Paul II Institute for Marriage and Family Fr. Kilcawley complied this chastity curriculum as a means for reaching Freshmen students.

This Curriculum has three main components:

1. An outline which summarizes the book, Called to Love, by Carl Anderson and Jose Granados

2. Five Powerpoint Presentations which offer a holistic view of human sexuality in the context of God's plan of creation and redemption

3. A twelve part course on the Theology of the Body offered by Fr. Kilcawley intended for teachers to gain a working knowledge of St. John Paul II’s catechesis on Human Love in the Divine Plan.

Class 1 - Trinity

Class 2 - Sonship

Class 3 - Integration and Spousality

Class 4 - The Fall and Christ

Class 5 - Life of Virtue




While keeping the objectives of the curriculum, please feel free to download these PowerPoints and make them your own. To download click the menu  icon at the bottom of the Word or Powerpoint files. 

Theology of the Body: Session 1

TOB: Session 2

TOB: Session 3

TOB: Session 4

TOB: Session 5

TOB: Session 6

TOB: Session 7

TOB: Session 8

TOB: Session 9

TOB: Session 10

TOB: Session 11

TOB: Session 12


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