Confirmation Curriculum

This confirmation curriculum was developed by Fr. Christopher Barak and Sr. Monica Mary. It covers all the essential content that a candidate in 5th to 7th grade would need to know and have in order to be ready to receive the sacrament of confirmation.

There are three components in this curriculum:

1. An outline of the doctrinal points which need to be covered

2. A short textbook series, Call to Celebrate: Confirmation by Our Sunday Visitor

3. The 92 Questions

To order the Call to Celebrate: Confirmation click on the link to the left which will direct you to the Our Sunday Visitor product page.

Our Sunday Visitor also has some on-line resources which correspond to their confirmation materials. To access them click here.

Learning and even memorizing the 92 Questions has a long tradition in the Diocese of Lincoln and is a foundational part of confirmation preparation. To access the most recent version of the 92 Questions follow the link on the left. 
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