God-Teens/CYO Curriculum

In order to provide the parishes of the Lincoln Diocese with a variety of materials and realizing that one program will not fit everyone the Office of Religious Education offers these three programs from which the pastor or CCD coordinator can choose for their God-teens/CYO programs. These choices include the selected texts (see below) from the Didache Series, Parish Edition which offers a complete condensed curriculum which is manageable for the limited time that Catechists have in youth groups. Another more popular option is the YDISCIPLE program which is an online platform that includes leader training videos, video studies for students, discussion guides, and parent resources. A third option is the YOUCAT catechism, study guide, and free supplemental videos through the Newman Connection.

Didache Series, Parish Edition

  • Midwest Theological Forum Product Page
  • 9th grade - Understanding the Scriptures: Parish Edition
  • 10th grade - The Sacraments: Parish Edition
  • 11th grade - Our Moral Life in Christ: Parish Edition
  • 12th grade - The History of the Church: Parish Edition


An excellent alternative parish program, especially for young people who already attend a Catholic School is YDISCIPLE produced by the Augustine Institute. This program makes use of short videos and small group discussion with the goal of helping young people make the Catholic faith their own. In January of 2016 Bishop Conley purchased a Formed.org subscription (which includes YDisciple) for everyone in Southern Nebraska for two years. For details on how to access and use this subscription check out our Formed.org page.


As a possible alternative CYO/Godparent teachers can also use YOUCAT, that is, the Youth Catechism of the Catholic Church. To help engage small groups and go more deeply into YOUCAT there is also a free video series produced by The Newman Connection as well as a YOUCAT Study Guide produced by Ignatius Press.

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