Parish CCD Curriculum

This curriculum was developed by Sr. Mary Alma, C.K. It is designed to correspond, chapter by chapter, with the Faith and Life Series published by Ignatius Press but in a manner that condenses the material to make it more manageable for CCD teachers.

Included in the Parish CCD curriculum are:

1. The document on the left which outlines all of the essential points for each 1-8 grade CCD class.

2. The 1-8 grade Faith and Life Series textbooks, workbooks, and teacher's manuals which are depicted below.

3. A complete set of Parish CCD materials which include a lesson, PowerPoint, video, and activity for each chapter in every grade.

4. A required but short Safe Environment lesson developed by the Child and Youth Protection Office, which can be found here.

Helpful videos for each chapter of every grade level can be downloaded for classroom use. On the link scroll down to "How to Download Videos" for directions.

To order the Faith and Life Series for your parish or school click on the link above which will direct you to the Ignatius Press order form.

Ignatius Press also has some on-line resources which correspond to the Faith and Life Series materials.

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